Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where to Buy Essential Oil Supplies

Confused about where to buy empty rollers and bottles for your essential oils? Here's some of my favorite places to buy essential oil supplies and accessories.

Shop Locally for Essential Oil Accessories

Where would Mr. Hooper be if Big Bird never set foot in his store?

The growing popularity of essential oils has led big and small natural health stores to add commonly purchased EO accessories to their stock. Online pricing and selection is consistently better than local prices around here, but sometimes having a carrier oil or diffuser right away is worth a few extra bucks. Some small businesses offer discount alerts or coupons through e-newsletters and Facebook groups, and they run sales, too. Don't assume about pricing!

This diffuser made some buzz on Facebook as an Amazon "discovery", 
but at the time the local mom & pop price was the same. 

Suggest that your local store carry certain items. When I realized how many people in my town were taking their dollars to the Internet for popular items, I made a list of suggestions for our small mom and pop alternative health store. Where to buy and what's sold locally is a common question, so Business Builders should stay aware of local resources.



I tend to order the most from AromaTools.com.  In addition to a huge selection of the most common EO accessories, they also sell empty containers for everything from home made lip balm to deodorant.