Monday, March 3, 2014

The Right Way to Share doTerra

How you describe your experiences with doTerra Essential Oils and products matters! It is important that you share responsibly whether you are having a casual conversation or trying to build a business. This 15 minute training session explains what you can and cannot say when sharing the benefits of doTerra CPTG products.

doTerra Claims: Do's & Don'ts is a training video that was recently released by doTerra corporate.  It is critical that anybody interested in doTerra watch it!

doTerra Essential Oils are nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are wellness products that can benefit overall health. Essential oils can not diagnose, treat, or cure - and neither can doTerra IPC's.

It's easy to cross the line and talk about treating when sharing the wellness potential of doTerra.  But crossing that line takes you into the world of medical drug claims. Some well loved nutritional supplements have been pulled off the shelf by the Food and Drug Administration because of overly enthusiastic descriptions.

This training video helps you to understand the difference between nutritional supplements and medical drugs while providing examples of appropriate and inappropriate ways to talk about doTerra.

Remember, when you are sharing in a private conversation, online, or in a class:

  • Do use the same descriptions that doTerra uses in their training materials.
  • Don't talk about treating or curing.
  • Do use words like "strengthen" "benefit" "maintain" or "support." 
  • Don't attempt to diagnose or claim that doTerra products can help a specific diagnosis. 
  • Do talk about our products' possible benefits to how the body functions (e.g. sleep, focus, energy).
  • Don't say our products should replace prescription medications or over the counter drugs.
  • Do support others in their choice to use natural health and wellness products, combine natural and conventional treatments, or ease into natural product use.
When in doubt, contact your EO Family Mentor, use the confidential contact form in the margin to email me, or leave a comment below. doTerra legal department is also willing to answer your questions about how to responsibly share doTerra. Email them at

And, as always, share if you learn something new or exciting!

Click here to link to the YouTube video doTerra Claims: Do's & Don'ts, or watch it below.

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