Saturday, March 1, 2014

And the March, 2014 doTerra Specials Are...

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Every month, doTerra offers free and discounted products to Loyalty Rewards members through the Product of the Month (POM) program and a monthly special. Every few months, an additional higher value freebie is also offered to all qualifying doTerra customers and members. We get all the promotions this month!

Remember the myth about HAVING to place a $100 order every month to participate in doTerra? We BUSTED that myth last November.  If you don't remember it, then you can read about it here.

Monthly specials are the reason why you WANT to place a 100 point order every month.  Wholesale doTerra prices are comparable to other high quality essential oil prices.  Monthly promotions for members are part of what make doTerra stand out from competitors! Your loyalty to doTerra is rewarded, giving you more bang for your essential oil dollar. 

Here are some tips to help you get your order to 100 PV without personally spending that money.

Announcing the March, 2014, doTerra Promotions! 

  • This month's POM (Product of the Month) is a 5ml bottle of Purify Cleansing Blend ($10 retail value). 
    • The POM is for LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) Members only.
    • The minimum LRP to get the POM is 125 PV in a single LRP order.
    • This is 125 PV (Personal Volume) - points, not dollars!
    • LRP must be processed by the 15th of the month to get the POM.
    • You can only get one POM every month.
  • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is 10% off ($19.33 retail/$16.00 wholesale before discount).
    • This discount applies to both wholesale and retail purchases.
    • You can buy more than one at the discounted price.
  • Get a free Deep Blue Rub and a free 5ml bottle of Deep Blue Soothing Blend with a 200 PV order ($81.67 retail value!).
    • This applies to any 200 PV order - LRP, retail, add-on wholesale, and enrollment.
    • This is 200 PV (Personal Volume) - points, not dollars!
    • The 200 PV cannot be split between multiple orders. 
    • You can get more than one of this promo!
      • ex. 1: Your LRP is a 400 PV order. You get one promotion - because it has to be separate 200 PV order.
      • ex. 2: You place a 200 PV LRP, then 2 weeks later purchase another 200 PV. You will get the promotion with each purchase.
    • You will still get the 125 PV POM if your 200 PV purchase was made with your LRP.  That's two freebies in one month!
    • You have the entire month to snag this promotion.

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