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Webinar Breakdown: Frankincense "The King of Essential Oils"

Without proper education, doTerra essential oils are just fancy perfume.  But education takes time, and time can be more precious than Frankincense, gold, and myrrh during the month of December.  As my gift to Essential Oil Family followers, I've done a breakdown of a 45 minute Frankincense video webinar.

The breakdown doesn't hit all the fascinating history of Frankincense included in the video.  The video itself doesn't cover all of the amazing therapeutic properties of Frankincense essential oil. But since doTerra is giving away a free bottle of CPTG Frankincense eo with qualifying orders this month, I wanted to help you  understand why you need and want Frankie in your life (and body!).

There is so, so much to learn about Frankincense essential oil!

In fact, Dr. David Hill, doTerra's Chief Medical Officer, published a book all about Frankie back in 2010.
Yes, this book is on my Wish List. Did you doubt it?

The webinar and breakdown explain a little about what makes doTerra's Frankincense oil precious. It explains the lengths that doTerra goes through to get high quality Frankincense from historic trees, traditional growers, and the best distillers in the world. That part is not unique to doTerra - other essential oil companies get their oils from the same region and even from the same distillers.

Ophidiophobic alert! There are snakes in the Frankie story! Image from Wikipedia

What is unique to doTerra essential oils and products is the CPTG promise. CPTG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. It's doTerra's own company quality benchmark.  Not only are our source plants obtained from their native habitats around the world, but doTerra tests every single batch for purity and potency.  Because if your essential oil doesn't have consistent levels of the natural plant compounds that provide a desired therapeutic effect, how can it have a consistent therapeutic effect on your body?

Now, It's Time for the Big Show!

The webinar is called "Frankincense, "The King of Essential Oils." The host is doterra's Justin Harrison and the speaker is Dr. David Hill.  Dr. Hill is one of the founders of doTerra International, and is also our Chief Medical Officer.  There is a link to the full video and other doTerra Frankie resources at the end of this post.

Let's All Go to the Lobby Sign
Grab a snack, the Webinar Breakdown is about to start!

Whew! That was a long one!

About doTerra Frankincense EO

$69.75 wholesale/$93.00 retail but FREE w/qualify orders December 1st-31st

dōTERRA's Frankincense comes from the Boswellia frereana species, in the Dhofar region of Oman. It is steam distilled from the Frankincense resin and it contains only 100% pure aromatic compounds.  It is not diluted unless it is in certain blends. It is sold individually in 15 ml bottles, and included in many kits at the 5 ml size.

It is used in multiple home made products such as natural deodorant and non-narcotic Liquid Morphine, or used as a single oil for the reasons you read above and more.  Like all doTerra CPTG essential oils, every batch of Frankincense is screened by an independent lab for impurities and to ensure potency.

Frankincense is also included in some of doTerra's essential oil supplements. xEO Mega and vEO Mega, our essential oil fatty acid complexes contain Frankie.  Both can be purchased as individual bottles, and IPC's and PM's enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program can save 50% on a supplement trio called the Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV). The LLV is doTerra's best selling product, and is a convenient way to get your daily Frankincense along with other eo's and nutritional supplements that address healthy immunity, inflammation, energy, and mood.

Essential Oil Blends that Contain Frankie:
Balance Grounding Blend
Immortelle Anti-aging Blend
In Tune Focus Blend
Past Tense Tension Blend

Links to DoTerra affiliated resources about Frankincense

  1. Frankincense, "The King of Essential Oils: 45 minute webinar with Justin Harrison and Dr.David Hill. I could only find the video in this YouTube channel, despite references to it being posted on Justin's site at the end. Please do not use the IPC link in the description.
  2. Tuesday Tip Off - Frankincense Essential Oil: 1:54 minute video, on the official doTerra YouTube channel.
  3. Why Frankincense, Why Now: 20 minute video with Dr. Hill, on OilsMentor.com
  4. Frankincense Information Sheet: includes protocols for health concerns, on OilsMentor.Com 
  5. Frankincense: Essential oil reference webpage, on EverythingEssential.me. It has an embedded 46 minute video webinar by Dr. King called "Frankincense: Liquid Gold" that is very similar to the video in today's breakdown.  

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