Thursday, November 14, 2013

My doTerra Diary

What does it mean when people talk about using doTerra CPTG essential oils?  doTerra employees recently shared their daily eo routines in this post on the doTerra Blog. I took inspiration from them, and kept a little diary with some of the ways my Essential Oil Family has integrated essential oils into our lifestyle.

My son has a birthday party at the end of a long and stimulating day. Before we leave the house, I put a drop of Balance Grounding Blend behind each of his ears to calm him down a bit. The party is at an indoor playroom full of inflatables - the type of place many parents avoid during flu season. I put 2 drops of On Guard Protective Blend on each of his feet, then after waiting for it to absorb I use a roller ball to apply Oregano essential oil diluted to 1% with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

At the party a child falls down and hits his forehead on the edge of a table. I recently watched a doTerra training video about First Aid, so brought my EO First Aid Kit with me. I apply a couple drops of Lavender to limit the bruising and Deep Blue to help with pain and bruising.

Both kids get a drop of On Guard on their feet before school, it's our daily routine. My son gets another round of diluted Oregano, just in case. The children and I also both get an allergy trio swipe from a roller ball with Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint eo's. I apply some Clary Calm Women's Blend to each wrist, my therapeutic perfume.

Red Dog's bath got delayed by a cold snap and he's beginning to get that dog smell.  The carpets need extra attention, so I put 2 drops each of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils in baking soda.  I chose the allergy trio because he brings outdoor allergens inside on his fur.  I sprinkle the carpets with the blend and vacuum two hours later. I wish the house smelled this good every day!

Poor Red Dog tries to hide his bad hair day.
The kids return home from school, and they each get a drop of On Guard on their feet in case they were exposed to anything funky at school.  A drop of Balance behind an ear helps with the school to home transition.

Tonight I diffused Lavender essential oil at bedtime, and applied a drop of Marjoram behind my daughter's ear to help her sleep.

Dragging in the morning, so it's Wild Orange in the diffuser at breakfast!

I feel a little tickle in my throat. I'm a Strep magnet, so I put 2 drops of Oregano, 4 drops of On Guard, and 4 drops of Maleleuca eo into an empty capsule in the hopes of warding off this overpriced bug. Strep has cost this family way too much time and money for me to fool around with it anymore!

Same morning and after school oils. The kids don't usually get the Oregano after school, but since I have a tickly throat I use it on their feet as an immune boost.

My daughter (Autism, Down Syndrome) is stimming more than usual so she gets some extra Balance, and I spritz her indoor swing with Lavender to help her focus.

Tip: Add a spray top lid and water to convert almost empty bottles into spritzers.
I take another capsule in the afternoon, and also gargle with 2 drops of On Guard in a small amount of water.

Lemongrass and Oregano in the diffuser at bedtime tonight, and it smells amazing!

I put a drop of Clove eo on my toothbrush. The tickle is gone and I don't really feel like popping another "just in case" capsule. This feels like enough for the day.

Peppermint in the morning diffuser!
A cold front is coming in, and my sinuses are going crazy! I use the allergy trio more often, and also apply 2 drops of the Breathe Blend to my neck and chest several times throughout the morning.

Same morning and after school oils, but everybody seems healthy so no more Oregano.

It's a Wild Orange morning again!

Same morning and after school oils.

I try a new recipe: Butternut Squash with apples with 4 drops of Clove essential oil. I'm a little nervous, Clove is the dentist's oil and when I use a drop on my toothbrush it makes my gums and lips a little numb. But the side dish is delicious, and nobody gets a numb mouth!

Bedtime is the classic Lavender in the diffuser.

Same morning oils in the diffuser and after school.

I get an afternoon slump so diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint for motivation and focus. Whoo-hoo, it works!

Time to clean spaghetti sauce from a reusable plastic storage container. Before we became an EO Family, I would use bleach to get red sauce stains out of plastic. Now I add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil to the dish soap and soak the container for an hour. Just as clean as bleach, but without the chemicals!

My monthly LRP has arrived so I get to try a drop of Juniper Berry behind my daughter's ear at bedtime.  Really nice soft smell, and works well, too. I plan to make her a bedtime roller with Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, and Juniper Berry. I like diffusing Lavender at bedtime. The room smells awesome and the lights from the Spa Vapor are relaxing.  I won't add Lavender to the bedtime roller yet.

Just the allergy trio for us. We're not going anywhere so I leave off the On Guard.

I try something new - adding Maleleuca (Tea Tree Oil) to the laundry. Six drops is too strong. My laundry room smells like disinfectant! It's a clean smell, but I've spent too many years working in hospitals to relax around antiseptic scents. I cut back to 4 drops. I can smell the Maleleuca when I take the wet clothes out of the washer, but there's no scent left by the time they are dry. We have a medically fragile child in the house, so I decide to continue using Maleleuca in every load. On Guard Laundry Soap or Household Cleaner isn't in the budget yet, so I'm content with letting my oils multitask.

Playing outside in the cold air has triggered my son's asthma. I use the allergy trio a couple extra times throughout the day because I don't know if allergies are also behind his cough. I apply two drops of the Breathe Blend diluted in a teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil to his chest and neck.

I diffuse Breathe at bedtime, and move the diffuser into his bedroom when he goes to bed. Zero night time coughing. Last year, he coughed all night for fall and winter, so this is a huge relief!

Allergy trio and On Guard before and after Sunday School! I hear a cough from my son, and run for the Breathe. He's okay with it - he's tired of breathing treatments, steroids, and antibiotics.  He knows this little brown bottle is the reason he can go on hayrides or play outside all day in the fall. Very different lifestyle for him, and he's loving it!

Another meal with essential oils! Tonight it's a Panang Curry box mix. I use 2 drops of Lemongrass eo and some diluted Basil eo when I cook the chicken. The kids get the Lemongrass chicken and love it.  The hubs and I get the curry. Delicious, and we get the therapeutic properties of two great essential oils.

We finish the day with Lavender in the diffuser in the living room at bedtime, and my son gets one last night with Breathe at his bedside.

Are essential oils a part of your daily routine? Use the comments section below to share how you use doTerra essential oils.

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