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doTerra Myth #1: The Loyalty Rewards Program

Myth: I have to spend $100 a month if I want to get discounts on doTerra products or sell them.

Fact: This common myth is based on a misunderstanding of the doTerra Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

I was questioning if I could even afford doTerra when I first heard about the LRP.  We didn't have $100 a month to spend on essential oils! It didn't make any sense. I've heard the same concerns from others since I started selling doTerra. Wrong!

Whether you want to purchase doTerra products at a discount for personal use or to sell them, understanding the facts behind the LRP is important for you to maximize the potential of a really good program. (No worries, there are links to help you understand the LRP at the end of this post!)

Here's the myth busting breakdown:

1. The LRP is like a monthly essential oils subscription that pays you back.
  • You are not locked into buying any particular products or spending a certain dollar amount.
  •  It is automatically shipped, but you change the shipping date anytime you want.
  • You can take it down to $0 whenever you need, and increase it when you are ready. 
  • The deadline for adding and deleting products or changing the shipping date is 24 hours before the date, so you have a month to plan your next LRP order. 
  • You will get a reminder email before your monthly LRP is pulled and shipped so you can stay on top of the products in your cart and when they are shipped.

2. The LRP is based upon a points system called PV.
  • PV stands for Personal Volume, but think of the "P" as Points if you need.
  • One PV equals one dollar of wholesale price for most bottles of essential oils.
  • The PV might be less than the wholesale price for kits and other doTerra products.
  • It's not just another abbreviation to confuse you - the PV for the LRP benefits you in many ways down the road. 
  • Business builders want to be personally involved with their Personal Volumes!

3. There are benefits for joining the monthly LRP!
  • Free stuff! And the longer you participate, the more free stuff you qualify to earn!
  • Begin accumulating points that give you product credit when you place your first LRP order (note: your enrollment order is not your first LRP order).
  • Redeem those points for free product after your first 60 days.
  • Let the points add up - they are good for one year.
  • Most IPC's and PM's earn back 10% of their LRP PV in product credit for their first 3 months. Then every two months after that, the amount of product credit you get increases. After 12 months of qualifying LRP's, you get 30% of your LRP PV back in product credit.
  • IPC's who purchase qualifying kits can begin earning product credit at 15% or 20% instead of starting at 10%.
  • An LRP order of 50 PV or more is needed to EARN product credit.
  • An LRP of 1-49 PV lets you put your earned credit & your earning level on hold until you are ready to place a larger monthly order. 
    • It is a MYTH that you can get 1 PV for donating $1 to the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation. There is no product value for a cash donation.
    • Maximize your EO budget by strategizing your monthly LRP purchases. Contact me if you need help - I'm a diehard couponer and love strategizing to get the most out of my money!
  • An LRP of 100 PV or more gets IPC's into the bonus structure. Aha! The source of the myth!
  • An LRP of 125 PV or more gets IPC's and PM's the free Product of the Month. Each month, doTerra offers a free product that will automatically be shipped with your LRP if that month's PV is 125 or greater.
    • This is on top of the product credit that you are getting!  
    •  Your LRP must be scheduled to ship between the 1st and 15th of the month to qualify.
    • If your PV is less than 125 in a single month there is no penalty & you still earn your product credit. There's just no freebie that month.
  • An LRP of 200 PV or more could get you additional freebies.  Past 200 PV promotions have been products retailing between $50 and $100, so this is a great way to stretch a dollar.  It doesn't happen every month, but when it does, it's worth it!

Percentage back increases every month your LRP is 50 PV or more!

4. Preferred Members can join the LRP. PM's can participate in the LRP and the Product of the Month. They cannot sponsor new members or get commissions.

5. The LRP is not required to get a commission check.  Whether you enroll to build a business or to get a personal discount, IPC's can still collect a 25% commission on any retail purchases made through the free website that doTerra gives you upon enrollment. However, you have to qualify as an active consultant.  A $50 purchase is required to be active.  This can be a standard order or an LRP order. PM's do not have this opportunity.   

IPC's who are serious about taking advantage of all of doTerra's compensation programs as they build their business will need and want to maintain a 100 PV LRP.  But don't freak out! The myth is still busted!

Read this post to understand how you can do this without 100% of that money coming from your pocket: Use Gifts and Samples to Maintain Your LRP

Expect to take a while to understand the LRP! 

doTerra University has a 7 minute video introduction to the Loyalty Rewards Program.
Click here to view a PDF breakdown of the Loyalty Rewards Program.
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