Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why I'm Willing to Pay for doTerra's CPTG Promise


doTerra essential oils are tested according to the company's internal quality standard, called CPTG.  CPTG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  It's doTerra's personal quality benchmark.  CPTG was created because there is no national or international standard for essential oil quality. There is no certification board and there are no officially recognized "grades" of essential oils.  doTerra is declaring a standard for itself.  I call it "The CPTG Promise."

doTerra CPTG Oils are Consistently Pure

Every batch of doTerra CPTG essential oils is tested according to CPTG standards.  There are no man made or naturally occurring additives, no fillers, no artificial ingredients that can dilute the potency of the eo or affect its safety.  The source plants are organically grown, but still tested to make sure that accidental cross contamination did not occur.  This ensures the purity of doTerra essential oils.

doTerra Essential Oils are Consistently Potent

Scientific research into eo's has isolated many of the naturally occurring plant compounds that make essential oils effective.  But the proper amounts of those compounds need to be present in the right amounts and in the right proportions before an essential oil can have predictable effects.

Plants are influenced by environmental conditions such as soil, season, or the time of day that they are harvested.  doTerra source plants are harvested from their native regions around the world according to the plants' natural cycles to maximize the presence of the desired compounds.

Extraction methods are carefully monitored to ensure that the chemical composition of the resulting essential oil is not damaged during production.  Then, every batch of doTerra CPTG essential oils is tested for natural chemical composition to ensure that the desired compounds are present in consistent quantities.  This ensures the potency of doTerra essential oils.

What is Involved in CPTG Testing?

 There are five tests:
1. Gas Chromatography
2. Mass Spectrometry
3. FTIR Scan (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry)
4. Microbial Testing
5. Organoleptic Testing

Do other companies use these same tests? Some do, some don't. Seriously, call your favorite brand and ask before deciding to try doTerra. doTerra isn't the only high quality essential oil on the market.

I came across one website selling eo's that made a purity and potency promise - you the consumer are welcome to pay for Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry.  Then you can have the results analyzed to determine if the purity and potency of their eo was inadequate and would affect the results you hoped to achieve.  If the eo fell short, than that company would buy back the oil and reimburse you for the testing.

I'm just going to pay upfront for the testing, and know that every single batch is capable of doing what the plant compounds are supposed to do.

Click here or on the image below for specifics about the five tests listed above. 

Stay Tuned for the Next doTerra Brand Challenge!

Empty bottles sent in during the Peppermint Challenge of Sept, 2013. Photo by doTerra International.
While you're deciding if you want to try doTerra eo's, continue to follow this blog and save your empty eo bottles.  doTerra regularly offers challenges where they invite users of other brands to send in an empty bottle to be swapped for a free bottle of doTerra CPTG essential oil.  The last challenge was to compare your brand to our brand of peppermint essential oil.  Hang onto whatever you have until we know what the next challenge will be!

Consistent Products Create Consistent Results

I have been reading about the wonderful therapeutic properties of essential oils for a couple decades.  I never felt like I could tap into those properties until I discovered doTerra.  I am examining our health concerns and factors in our home environment that could affect our well being.  Then selecting essential oils and using them in deliberate ways hoping that the plants inherent properties will impact our health. I have a goal when I select a particular plant oil, and I need to know what I am buying to feel confident that my goal could be reached.

I am that crazy couponer, Good Will and yard sale shopping mama who hates paying retail.  But I will pay a higher price for something that is going into my children or myself if it delivers what it promises.  doTerra makes a promise, and it delivers.  doTerra's CPTG promise ensures a product that is consistently safe and that has consistent purity.  If I use them consistently, then we experience consistent results. That, to me, is worth paying for.

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