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Purchasing a Cool Mist Diffuser

Of course I sell diffusers! doTerra offers three high quality no heat diffusers. But I don't own any of them.  Yet! Yes, I can buy them at wholesale, but as new Independent Product Consultant on a budget, I have decided to put my money into purchasing essential oils. 

Cold diffuser is the recommended way to make the most of therapeutic essential oils.  Heat based diffusers can break down the natural aromatic compounds of essential oils. Humidifiers use a different process to create vapor and can be damaged if not designed to handle essential oils.

Most cool mist diffusers use super fast ultrasonic vibration to atomize essential oils and blend them with water into a vapor.  They do not leave an oily residue on surfaces or your skin. The amount of humidity produced is less than a humidifier (which could be good for some reactive airways!).

Expect to pay between $75 and $100 for a good quality diffuser, especially if you want features such as timers and output control.  Here are four options, ranging from value to high end.

The GreenAir Spa Vapor Diffuser


The GreenAir Spa Vapor ultrasonic oil diffuser came recommended by a doTerra user who had owned her Spa Vapor for almost a year.  It's a cheapie, but seems to be a workhorse and a good starter diffuser.  I have been using mine daily for two months. Kids love the way the light turns color!

  • Price varies, starts at $24.99 and $30.00 is an average price.
  • Uses 240 ml (6 ounces) of warm/tepid tap or purified water.
  • LED light has its own on/off switch for no light, rotating colors, or a single color.
  • Run time varies, average is two hours.
  • No control of mist, turn off manually if room becomes saturated with smell.
  • No timer.
  • Comes with small brush for cleaning the inside.
  • Auto shut-off when empty.
  • Dimensions 5"w 5"d 9" tall.
  • Can fill 350 sf room.
  • 5 drops of essential oil recommended.
  • Pleasant bubbling sound.
  • Lights flash off and on before the auto shut-off.
I'm a huge deal seeker, so I got mine for $23.99 including shipping. My Oil Business, a private company owned by a doTerra IPC recently sold out the Spa Vapor at $25.00.  I will share deal alerts on this and other diffusers as I come across them.

Amazon is a good source for this diffuser. Different Amazon retailers will put it on special from time to time, so don't just look at the one I'm linking to here.

Shipping is free for Prime members. Amazon offers a 30 day free trial of Prime, and it's very easy to cancel.

11/17/13: Read the comments for this post, am getting some feedback about the reliability of this Spa Vapor that you should know before purchasing!

Aroma Ace


I saw this type of diffuser in professional settings when I was in massage therapy school.  A bottle of essential oil is attached directly to the Aroma Ace so the eo is not diluted. This is a nebulizing diffuser, not ultrasonic. It creates a high air saturation of eo with a micro-fine vapor.  This diffuser is sold by multiple online retailers so shop around for a deal.  There are incentives for enrolling in doTerra and buying this item wholesale, so contact me to add that information to your deal shopping. 

Aroma Ace Diffuser Features
  • Control how long the Aroma Ace runs and how long it rests between cycles with separate on/off timers.
  • Control how much eo is released with an "output pressure" control.
  • Smaller particles are atomized and stay suspended in the air longer, so less oil is needed.
  • The bottle attaches directly to the diffuser, no water needed.
  • Changing the oil is as easy as changing the bottle.
  • 3 3/8"w 5"d 5 1/2" tall
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes with free 15ml bottle of On Guard ($42.67 retail!)
  • Makes a "buzzing" noise. 
  • Wholesale $129.95 Preferred Member $138.62 Retail $173.27 
  • Item #3303 

Lotus Ultrasonic Diffuser

The Lotus is unique to doTerra. I've seen it, it's very pretty with its constant blue glow. The house I saw it in was beautifully decorated with lots of browns and blues.  This diffuser looked like it was designed for that home! I would recommend this diffuser if you were selling doTerra through an office or retail setting because of the brand recognition. 

Lotus Diffuser Features
  • Soothing blue light, cannot be turned off while the diffuser is running.
  • Runs for one hour, auto-shut off.
  • Bubbling noise.
  • Uses 3-5 drops of oil.
  • Approx 13 inches high.
  • Run/rest times can be controlled.
  • Fills a 300 SF room.
  • Creates ultra fine ion particles and active oxygen anions for better absorption by the body.
  • Wholesale $89.95 Preferred Member $95.94 Retail $119.93 PV 40
  • Item #3301
Check out the doTerra Blog for a Buyer's Guide to doTerra Diffusers which compares the Aroma Ace and Lotus.

AromaLite Diffuser

The AromaLite Diffuser was added to the doTerra product line at convention last month. I haven't personally seen this diffuser at work. You can control the mist output, so, unlike other cool mist diffusers, the AromaLite can run for up to 8 hours. I don't have dimensions yet, but it is described as "small and compact, perfect for traveling." I think it sounds great to use in a nursery, for Croup, Asthmatics, when CPAP is used, or during a cold or flu. Or for restless sleepers or those with insomnia! Basically, anytime overnight essential oil support is needed.

AromaLite Features
  • Optional night light.
  • Creates an ultra-fine 1-3 micron mist.
  • Four mist output settings (nice for small spaces!).
  • Uses high frequency oscillation.
  • Helps humidify the air.
  • Can run for up to 8 hours.
  • Wholesale $89.95 Preferred Member $95.94 Retail $119.93  PV 40
  • Item #33130001

Never pay retail! 

But if you must, you can shop for these and other great doTerra items through my online catalog. Contact me for details on how you can purchase doTerra essential oils, supplements, and accessories at Preferred Member or wholesale prices. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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1 comment :

  1. About the Spa Vapor: there are some rumors floating around saying that it is breaking down after a few uses. I called Green Air customer service on behalf of one of my doTerra customers, and was told that there is a lot of user error happening right now!

    There is an open area on the rim of the Spa Vapor - this vents the circuit board. If you get water or EO's in that hole, BAM! Blown circuit board. Green Air did not address this in the owner's manual, so if you fried your Spa Vapor call Customer Service and they will send you a replacement base. Points to Green Air for taking responsibility for this!

    Green Air is going to include an insert in the Owner's Manual. Their toll free phone number is on the diffuser base.They will ask you for the date on the base of your diffuser, and use that to determine if your diffuser was boxed up before or after the additional warning.

    A couple other care and feeding instructions that will help extend the life of any diffuser:
    1. Use a cup to fill the diffuser.
    2. Locate the air vent on your diffuser. Pour unused water out on the side opposite the air vent.
    3. Do not let unused water sit in the diffuser (water might be left when the timer shuts it off). Empty and let air dry if you do not have time to do a proper cleaning.
    4. Plug the cord into the base before plugging it into the wall.
    5. Unplug the cord from the wall before unplugging it from the base.
    6. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the type of water to use.
    7. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning - that includes not using vinegar if it is not ok'd by the manufacturer.

    Hopes this helps with any diffusion confusion!

    P.S. Many doTerra IPC's are enjoying the Aroma Ready Oil Drop Diffuser, sold online at Aroma Tools and similar stores. It costs between $45 and $50, runs for over 8 hours. It is supposed to be easy to clean. Here's a link: